EGPWS Control Panel


EGPWS - The EGPWS uses an onboard world-wide terrain database, FMGC 1 position, and airplane altitude and flight path to display the proximity of surrounding terrain on the ND. The information is provided in a color scheme which references the terrain to airplane altitude. Caution and warning alerts, both aural and visual, are given if the airplane approaches threatening terrain. (This system does not currently account for man-made obstructions.) The terrain alerting functions of the EGPWS are independent of the current GPWS functions. Failure of the additional terrain features does not affect operation of the basic functions of the GPWS.

GPWS - Below 2450 feet RA, GPWS monitors for hazardous flight path conditions and provides visual and aural warnings, alerts or advisories when such conditions are encountered. The GPWS does not provide an alert for flight toward vertically sheer terrain or slow descents into terrain while in the landing configuration. False GPWS warnings may occur due to heavy rain, hail, or system malfunctions.