Cabin Pressurization Control Panel

Manual Vertical Speed Control Switch

Manual Vertical Speed Control SwitchDESCRIPTION - The MAN V/S CTL switch controls the outflow valve position via a DC motor, when the MODE SEL switch is positioned to MAN. This switch is a toggle switch that is spring-loaded to neutral. When moved from neutral it controls the outflow valve position.

UP - Moving the switch UP moves the outflow valve to open. This switch must be held in position until the target vertical speed is reached, as the outflow valve operation is very slow.

DN - Moving this switch to DN moves the outflow valve toward close.

The ECAM CAB PRESS page displays the outflow position, cabin differential, cabin rate of climb, and cabin altitude. The landing elevation information is removed from the ECAM CRUISE and CAB PRESS page.


Automatic depressurization will not occur upon landing when the cabin pressurization MODE SEL switch is selected to MAN. Ensure differential pressure is zero before opening any exit.