Radio Nav Page - Description

RAD NAV KEY - Enables navaid display and tuning of ILS, VOR, and ADF radioes. If any RMP is selected to NAV, the fields on this page are blank on both MCDUs.

VOR/FREQ - Displays identifiers and frequencies of VOR 1 and VOR 2; either auto-tuned or manually tuned. When manually tuned, identifier or frequency is inserted. Localizer frequency may be entered for DME information associated with the localizer to be displayed on ND. If the identifier is not in the database, the NEW NAVAID page appears. Using CLR reverts the selection to the auto-tuned navaid.

CRS - Displays the VOR course associated with the selected VOR navaid. The course must be manually entered. If the radio is retuned to another station, the CRS is cleared. If no course is entered, CDI information does not appear on ND ROSE VOR.