Anti-Ice Panel

Wing Anti-ice Switch

Wing Anti-ice SwitchDESCRIPTION - In flight, the three outboard slats on each wing are anti-iced with pneumatic bleed air. A single WING ANTI ICE switch controls a pneumatic shutoff valve in each wing. The valves are inhibited from opening on the ground, except for testing. They close automatically when a leak is detected and upon touchdown. When either wing anti-ice valve is open: EPR limit is automatically reduced and minimum idle RPM is increased. The valves close with a loss of electrical power.

OFF - When selected to OFF the ON light extinguishes and the wing anti-ice valves close.

ON - The WING ANTI ICE Switch controls the wing anti-ice system simultaneously on both wings. When selected ON:

  • The ON light illuminates blue
  • WING A. ICE message appears on ECAM MEMO display
  • Wing anti-ice valves open if pneumatic supply is available
  • On the ground, the valves open for 30 seconds only (test sequence)

FAULT - The WING ANTI ICE FAULT Light illuminates amber if the wing anti-ice valve position disagrees with selected position or if low pressure is detected. The FAULT light also illuminates momentarily when valves are in transit.