Hydraulic Control Panel

Engine Pump Switch

Engine Hydraulic Pump SwitchON - When a ENG PUMP switch is selected to ON, selection is indicated when all lights are extinguished, enabling the engine-driven pumps to pressurize the hydraulic system when the engine is running.

OFF - When a ENG PUMP switch is selected to OFF, the engine-driven pump is depressurized, and the OFF light illuminates white.

FAULT - The ENG PUMP FAULT light illuminates amber when:

  • Reservoir low level
  • Reservoir overheat
  • Reservoir low air pressure
  • Reservoir low pressure (inhibited on the ground with engine stopped)

The ENG PUMP FAULT FAULT light extinguishes when the ENG PUMP switch is selected OFF (except during an overheat, when the light remains illuminated as long as the overheat is present).