Flight Control Computers

Spoiler Elevator Computers

SEC - The Spoiler Elevator Computers 1, 2, and 3 command spoiler operation.

ON - When the associated flight control computer switch is ON, it engages the computer and lights are extinguished. The SECs control the following:

  • Normal roll by controlling the spoilers
  • Speed brakes and ground spoilers
  • Alternate pitch (SEC 1 and SEC 2 only)
  • Direct pitch (SEC 1 and SEC 2 only)
  • Alternate LAF
  • Abnormal attitude
  • Direct roll

OFF - When selected to OFF, the OFF light illuminates white and disengages the associated computer.

RESET - Turning the computer OFF then ON resets the computer.

FAULT - The associated FAULT Light illuminates amber:

  • When a failure is detected
  • During computer's power-up test (8-second duration). This test occurs for each flight control computer upon electrical power application or after electrical transient/interruption.

The FAULT light extinguishes when OFF is selected or at completion of satisfactory power-up test.