Speed Brake Lever

Speed Brakes

A green SPD BRK memo appears on ECAM whenever the speed brakes are extended. The memo flashes amber if the speed brakes are extended when the thrust is above idle.

Speed brake extension is inhibited under the following conditions:

  • SEC 1 and 3 fault
  • Elevator (L or R) fault (only spoilers 3 and 4 are inhibited)
  • Angle of attack protection is active
  • Flaps configuration full (both in flight and on the ground)
  • Either thrust lever is above MCT (newer A320s and all A319s)
  • ALPHA Floor protection is active (newer A320s and all A319s)

On the A320, speed brake deflection is limited to approximately half with an autopilot engaged and is achieved with half speed brake lever deflection. At high altitudes and slow speeds (above FL 310 and less than Mach .75), speed brakes should not be extended more than half to prevent activation of the high angle of attack protection.