Engine and APU Fire Panel

Engine Test Button

Engine Fire Switch

ENGINE FIRE WARNING INDICATIONS - An engine fire is indicated by an aural CRC, the illumination of the engine's FIRE light on the Engine Fire panel, illumination of the engine's FIRE switch on the Engine Start and Ignition Panel, illumination of the MASTER WARNING lights, and by an ECAM warning.

ENGINE FIRE WARNING CONDITIONS - An engine fire warning appears under the following conditions:

  • Both loops detect a fire
  • One loop detects a fire when the other loop is faulty
  • A break in both loops occurs within 5 seconds of each other
  • A fire test is performed

LOOP FAULTS - Loop faults cautions appear on the the E/WD; if one loop has a fault, if two loops have faults, or if the fire detection unit fails.

ENGINE FIRE SWITCH (guarded) - When the ENG FIRE Switch is released out, an electrical signal:

  • Silences the aural warning
  • Arms the squibs (Squib light illuminates)
  • Deactivates the Integrated Drive Generator (IDG)
  • Cuts off the FADEC power supply
  • Closes the fuel LP valve
  • Closes the hydraulic fire shutoff valve
  • Closes the engine bleed valve
  • Closes the pack flow control valve