A320 Cargo Smoke Panel

Smoke Light

Cargo Smoke LightCARGO SMOKE LIGHT - Illuminates red when smoke is detected in respective cargo compartment. Activation of the AFT CARGO SMOKE light also closes the aft cargo inlet and outlet isolation valves, and shuts off the aft cargo extraction fan.

CARGO SMOKE DETECTION SYSTEM - The cargo compartments have a smoke detection system. Cavities in the cargo compartment have ceiling panels that each hold two smoke detectors. Each smoke detector is linked to one of two of the detection loops. The forward cargo compartment has one cavity and the aft cargo compartment has two cavities. The Smoke Detection Control Unit (SDCU) receives signals from the detectors and transmits them to the E/WD and displays a warning.

SMOKE WARNING - Smoke in one cavity activates the smoke warning if:

  • Both smoke detectors detect smoke
  • One smoke detector detects smoke and the other is inoperative