Engine Manual Start and Ignition Panel

Engine Manual Start Switches

Engine Manual Start SwitchesON - When an ENG MAN START switch is selected to ON, the engine start valve opens, if the ENG MODE selector is in CRANK or IGN/START and N2 is less than 15%. The ON light illuminates blue to confirm switch is selected to ON.

OFF - When OFF is selected, the associated engine start valve is closed unless an automatic start cycle is in progress. No illumination indicates the switch is selected to OFF.

MANUAL STARTS - Manual starts are only performed on the ground. During start, the FADEC controls the igniters (A and B), the high pressure fuel valve, and the closure of the start valve. The FADEC monitors N1, N2, and EGT when N2 is below 50%. ECAM start fault detection is available, however, automatic abort and crank capabilities are not available.