Emergency Evacuation Panel

Evacuation Switch

Evacuation Command SwitchThe emergency evacuation signal system alerts the flight attendants to evacuate the passenger cabin. An EVAC COMMAND switch is located in the cockpit and a guarded EVAC CMD (or CMD) button is located at each flight attendant panel.

Each flight attendant cabin CMD button activates the evacuation signals in the cabin and in the cockpit if the evacuation switch is selected to the CAPT & PURS position. Pressing the CMD button again cancels the evacuation alert. The EVAC lights flash at the forward and aft flight attendant panels and the evacuation tone sounds in the cabin when the evacuation alert is active. Pressing the RESET button at the FA panel silences the evacuation tone.

EVAC ON - Activates the evacuation alert. The EVAC light flashes red and the evacuation horn sounds in the cockpit and cabin. Pushing the EVAC COMMAND switch a second time cancels the evacuation alert in cockpit and the cabin.